Great Fact About Headphones You Did Not Know

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Owning a headphone could mean a great thing for people. For some, it acts like the fashion statement as it is easy to spot these people with the headphone hanging around the neck. While for others, they give them space and time to successfully escape into their own world.

We took headphones for granted but they in point of fact had come a long way and successfully evolved quite a bit since. Following are some interesting fact about them.

The Earliest Headphones Were Only One Earpiece

In the 1880s, telephone operators used to some extent simple version of modern headphones. It needed to be connected to a machine together with a mouthpiece for successful transmission. It only has a single earpiece.

That machine itself weighs around 11 pounds and needs to be rested on the operator’s shoulder!

It Was The Kitchen Where The First Modern Headphones Were Produced

Nathaniel Baldwin made the first modern headphones. This type of headphone had two earpieces with a headband and he invented them by hand in his kitchen. It was later sold to the Navy as an effective piece of radio equipment. But for the reason that Baldwin was making them in his kitchen, the rate of production was very low, around 10 at a time.

The Interesting Reason Why Headphones Are Referred To As “Cans”

John C Koss, he is known as the father of stereo headphones, were an excellent inventor and a genius marketer as well. He took celebrity endorsement of his great product and successfully had on time take over the headphones market during the time of the 60s – 70s. So Koss Electronics decided to successfully team up with the stars in that age to come up with Beatlephone.

Because Of Noisy Airplane Engine Noise-Cancellation Technology Was Created

Dr. Amare Bose, Found of Bose Corporation, was on a flight home from Zurich when he tried on a new piece of airflight entertainment. Though, he was severely disappointed when all he could only hear overpoweringly loud air engine noise. As said by legend, he right away flipped out his notepad and started making his ideas for noise-canceling headphones. By the time aircraft landed, he had by now sketched out the concept.


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