How Headphones Successfully Evolved Over The Years

Mpow Over Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

In 1910 when the first ever headphones were successfully invented. Nathaniel Baldwin designed these headphones. In his kitchen He designed them with two circular audio receivers which he connected with a headband. It is his design that is the real inspiration behind the modern-day headphones. later He sold headphones to the US Navy later.

The 1930s

During the 1930s, known as the decade of music since during this time music got popular. the electric guitar was invented and the Beyerdynamic DT48 headphones with the dynamic audio system developed by Eugen Beyer in 1937 with less weight as compared to the earlier versions.

The 1950s

During the 1950s, the music got popular even more and people used to listen to the records before buying thanks to the invention of stick headphones. The stores that sold records these headphones were boon.

However, it was the Koss SP-3 headphone During the 1950s, which changed the course of these devices and became the first commercial headphone which was designed particularly for music. The Koss SP-3 was a great headphone, and its sound quality was remarkable.

The 1960s

Koss produced the electrostatic headphones in 1968. These sound devices were not as popular as the original stereo headphones as they were heavy, but they had better sound quality.

The 1980s

First, ever portable small-sized headphones were successfully developed the in 1979 by Sony. The first earbud and in-ear headphones were successfully introduced in the 80s and During the 1990s, Sony successfully introduced the neckband headphones.

The 2000s

The sound isolation technology in the headphones was introduced in the 2000s to avoid any external disturbance. At that time, the noise-canceling technology was used by only the pilots to fly planes, but with the invention of Quiet Comfort by Bose, things changed greatly and everyone on could listen to the radio without any disturbance.

The 2010s

Technology has evolved to give sound quality and technology and the latest Bluetooth Headphones are famous now.

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