The Interesting History Of Headphones

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Headphones have an extraordinary place in music lover’s life. There is a headphone for each and every mood and music. But how were headphones really invented? Let’s find out

In the early 1890s, headphones were single sided. They were the heavy speaker to hold on to the ear to successfully communicate. It was a great system consisting of a stethoscope kind of headphone successfully connected to a switchboard. This luxurious subscription would cost hefty around 5 pounds at that time.

Nathan Baldwin – He Invented True Headphones

The first true headphones were successfully designed by famous engineer Nathan Baldwin. He invented them on his kitchen table. As much as people at that time ignored his invention but the US Navy understood bought hundreds of these headphones for defense purposes.

Beyerdynamic Invented Personal Listening Headphone –

Some decade later, in 1937, Beyerdynamic successfully invented the first headphone that could use for personal listening. Up till then, headphones were an only the tool in the armed forces. The DT-48 by Beyerdynamic was a famous on-ear type headphone. It had the thin metal headband and there were two cables to connect individually.

In 1958, the famous Jazz musician and audio lover, John Koss successfully saved headphones from resting into the grave. The first stereo over-ear headphones, the invention of Koss SP-3, revolutionized headphones for great personal listening. They were mere speakers that were wrapped in soft cloth and this Design was so easy and simple that it inspired other audio engineers worldwide to successfully enter into the headphone market.

Modern Models –

In the 1960s and 70s, being the age of new teenage music, and Koss successfully dominated the headphone market. But with the rising demand for great quality audio, after 2011, a lot of other Hi-Fi and professional audio brands successfully started revamping their older models.

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